About Us


Kentucky Pain Physicians of Prestonsburg is a pain management clinic that uses a conservative technique for pain management. With a treatment plan created for each individual’s needs, our patients get the best treatment available today for their particular injury or condition. Led by Dr. Windsor, Kentucky Pain Physicians has an experienced and compassionate team of doctors that specialize in pain management, because they undergo a rigorous training program. Dr. Windsor has trained over a hundred doctors in the science of pain management, so he knows what it takes to create an excellent and effective pain care physician.

KPP handles a variety of painful conditions, from headaches to cancer pain, and from to neck to hip pain. We assist people who are injured on the job or playing sports, as well as those with carpal tunnel syndrome. We treat chronic spinal problems, too, like spinal stenosis and degenerative disk disease, as well as herniated disks and failed back surgery problems. We offer innovative services and treatment options to our patients, all tailored to the individual patient who is under our expert care.